Complete breakdown of your bicycle to the bare frame.

Intensive inspection and cleaning of all bicycle parts.

Repacking of bottom bracket, headset and hubs (if applicable).

Installation of all cables and housing.

Handlebar Tape install.*

​Proper rebuild of your bicycle to attain "like new" condition.

Velo Tune - $64.95


Additional cost for parts are not included.

*for parts and/or tape purchased through Van de Velo only, otherwise surcharge may apply.

These prices reflect a 7 day pick up period, a 14 day pick up will add $7.00 storage fee and a 30 day pick up will add $20.00 storage fee.  If a bicycle is not picked up after 30 days it will be considered abandoned and donated to charity.

Velo Deluxe - $84.95

Additional repair services are also available...please come to the shop to see how we can help you.

Velo Elite - $129.95

Comprehensive of the Velo Deluxe package plus:

  • ​Wheel hub lubrication for unsealed bearings
  • Assessment and re-alignment of hub sealed bearings
  • No charge for replacement parts install*​

Van de Velo Service Packages

Velo Deluxe Plus - $104.95

Velo Extreme - $199.95

Comprehensive of the Velo Tune package plus:

  • ​Select Component clean with detailed adjustment to the bottom bracket
  • Intrinsic Wheel True on the truing stand
  • No charge for replacement parts install*​

Comprehensive of the Velo Deluxe Plus package plus:

  • ​Complete Drive Train Clean
  • Finite adjustment of gearing, brakes and wheels.
  • Inspection and evaluation of all cables and cable housings.
  • Dynamic test ride.

Frame inspection - visual integrity check of frame at key stress points.

Proper adjustment of:

  • ​Drive Train
  • Headset
  • Brake system

​Basic Wheel True

Essential cleaning of the bicycle and tire pressure check.

Lubrication of all moving parts in the drive train.

​Adjust and tighten all external accessories.